Empowering others to live
an anti-inflammatory lifestyle
to reduce pain and get
back to an active life.

It’s time to thrive!


So you’re ready take charge of your health, to kick symptoms to the curb and get back to living your best life…that’s awesome news!

I’m so happy you’re here! I imagine you’ve spent hours searching for ways to improve your symptoms. You’ve tried a lot of things only to end up more frustrated and confused than before you started. Maybe you feel like this is your new normal: daily joint pain, lack of energy, disrupted sleep and quite honestly feeling a lack of hope about what your future looks like. You find you have to plan your day and activities around what your body will be up to doing, and some days even that doesn’t work out.

As you’ve been researching, you’ve heard about all the things that may or may not be a concern….and you find yourself wondering is it really that important. You might be saying to yourself, “How can these things suddenly be a problem for me. I’m doing the same thing I’ve always done“

Food, exercise, mindset, stress reduction, sleep, gut health, vitamin D….how do I know which of these are important for me?

When your body is showing signs of excess inflammation, it means there’s an imbalance happening inside. The challenge is to figure out what’s out of balance so you can take steps to improve it. You’ve heard that food and exercise make a difference in how people feel, but there’s so much information out there. It’s overwhelming to know where to start! Maybe you’ve tried a couple of changes and didn’t see the results you were hoping for which left you frustrated and confused on what to do next. Making dietary changes can be hard, especially if you feel you’re going against the grain of what’s accepted as ‘normal’ in our culture. It can even feel isolating at times.

But friend, know this, you are not alone on this journey!

I’m here to guide you along in your journey toward an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. To empower you with science-based information that you can rely on. Knowledge is power, especially when you’re trying to get your health back. With resources in hand, you’ll decide the path we go on and I’ll be here to help guide you in goal setting, providing encouragement, inspiration, tips and resources as we work together in finding the anti-inflammatory lifestyle that works for YOUR body. There’s not a magic, one-size-fits-all-solution to better health. While a lot of paths may seem similar, what works for one body might not work the same for someone else’s body. That’s why it’s so important to dive in and do the work. It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. With trial and error, persistence and perseverance, you’ll begin to learn what your body needs to thrive. You know that sense of accomplishment when you put the last puzzle piece in place and stand back to admire your work? Imagine that’s you adding that one final lifestyle change that finally brings your body back into balance. It’s an amazing feeling, one I want to help you discover! I want you to reach your goals so you can get back to living your best life!

HI! I’m Dawn.

I believe when you peel back the layers and focus on real food, a healthy lifestyle and have a positive mindset, you’re able to get back to a pain-free, energy bursting life.

There’s no magic wand that will transform your health. It takes effort, determination and a ‘can do’ attitude. You have to first believe in yourself and the body’s innate ability to heal and repair, then do the work that allows that to happen. I’m here to help guide you along in that journey, to help with goal setting, provide encouragement, resources and tools. Living your best life is within reach. Are you ready to take the first step?