Revitalize! - Dawn Laflin


give love to your most critical areas

A three month package that allows us to focus on the areas you want to address most, right away. Taking care of these areas first and foremost allows you to start to see how transformational these changes can be in your health and life. This program is ideal if you’re just getting started on your health journey or if you have some things in place and just need some additional guidance on fine tuning your goals.

Let’s Get Revitalized!
  • Two, 1-on-1, 50-minute coaching sessions per month (either virtual or over the phone)
  • Email support between sessions to cover tips, ask questions and provide encouragement
  • Support, accountability and new ways to keep you motivated
  • Begin to unlearn old food myths, while discovering what foods truly nourish your body
  • Start to see the correlation of how sleep, stress and time management can affect your health and what you can do about it.
  • Start to focus on healthy changes that allow you to feel Revitalized and empowered to keep doing the work!
  • Understand the impact of exercise and movement on your overall health. Experiment to find movement that excites you
  • Tips, resources and guidance that help you incorporate your new anti-inflammatory lifestyle in with your life. Whether you’re traveling, eating out or on vacation, you’ll learn ways to stay on track.
  • Meal prep and planning guidance, plus tips on making grocery shopping quick, easy and healthy
  • Delicious recipes that excite, inspire and keep you motivated to stay on track with your goals