Hi! I’m Dawn,
a health and wellness coach

I’m a wife and mom of two with a HUGE passion for all things health and wellness! I love exercise (spin and hot vinyasa are my jam!), developing new recipes and savoring all the flavors that come from eating whole, real food. Sharing tips and resources on ways people can improve their health lights. me. up.!

I started Dawn Laflin Wellness after embarking on my own health journey four years ago. I know first-hand how hard making lifestyle changes can be to improve your health. Going against the grain of what’s considered the “norm” in our society can be challenging, but as someone who’s walked that path, it’s my greatest desire to help others do just that.

Staying healthy and being active has been a priority for me most of my life. While I’ve always strived to eat what I thought were the right foods (any other ‘low fat’ food followers here??), exercise, cook at home, etc., four years ago I found myself being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), an autoimmune condition. Little did I know this would be just the beginning of discovering so many things, about me, my faith, the food industry, the effects of stress and so much more. While I could have easily gotten stuck on the path of “why” or “how” this happened to me, I opted to look forward instead, to dig in and see what I could do about it.

There is so much we have yet to learn about our amazing bodies and what they’re capable of. Science is discovering new things all the time! I knew instinctively that the body has amazing abilities to heal and believed in the power of real food. After a lot of research, I dove in and cleaned up my diet, focusing on healing, anti-inflammatory foods, figuring out what foods my body does and doesn’t tolerate. This has allowed me to heal my gut (a major problem for most people with chronic inflammation), a slow but critical process. Through low impact, high intensity exercise, I’ve been able to work on flushing inflammation out of my body on a continual basis. These elements, along with stress reduction, my strong faith and changes in our household products have helped me gain better control over RA. These days I feel good, have my energy back greater than ever before and sleep like a baby once again. This new lifestyle I lead, an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, has been life-changing. It takes what could have been a grim looking future and makes it so much brighter.

Now, my mission is to help guide others in their journey toward an anti-inflammatory lifestyle; to help them get back to a pain-free, energy bursting life.

As a Master Certified Health Coach with a degree in Exercise & Sport Science and concentration in Health and Wellness, my greatest desire is to help others (re)discover their health, to have hope for their future. I don’t have a magic wand, just a big heart for helping, a listening ear, tips and resources to share, encouragement and accountability to offer and a willingness to hold space for others as they move along in their journey. Getting healthy doesn’t happen overnight, but it will happen when you take the time and do the work. And I’m here to guide you along the way!

I’m soooo glad you’re here!!